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Our Mission

It is our goal to bring our community together around the breakfast table. We hope to provide a gathering place full of warmth, kindness & compassion for all, but ultimately, we want to provide delicious food. Our dedicated local farmers enable us to prepare fresh, sustainable & organic food for you daily. At the Skillet, we treat everyone like family and strive to leave customers feeling satisfied.


About Sal

Sal, his wife Nancy & their family have been business owners in the Freehold region for almost thirty years. Most notably one of the founders of the Tuscany Italian Markets, Sal has been involved in a multitude of business ventures including a video store in the 80s and, more recently, an insurance brokerage. Freehold has been the Faenza family's home for as long as they have been in business here. Their children grew up in the school district and have flourished in local sports and dance programs garnering a strong commitment and sense of pride in the community.


Like many of us, Sal & Nancy took time during the pandemic to re-evaluate their priorities and figure out what they want their footprint in the community to be. Inspired by ideas of sustainability and organic eating, Sal stepped away from the deli business to pursue one of his long-time passions, breakfast food. By engaging with local farmers and striving to use as many local craftsmen and vendors as possible, Sal, Nancy & their team want to create an establishment that bolsters the community and brings people together.

The Faenza family is delighted to introduce The Skillet,
and we hope to dine with you soon! 

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